Audi Smash Repairs

Basha Audi Smash Repairs will restore the beauty and perfection of your car

Basha Autohaus Prestige Car Specialists Since 1988

Audi smash repairs

Superior Services

Years of quality service in the Audi smash repairs industry has gained Basha Autohaus a reputation for its excellence. It is with intention, that we offer professional, friendly service, highly trained staff, elevated business standards, top-notch equipment, superior products and precision workmanship. Your complete satisfaction is our greatest reward.

Restore the precision perfection and beauty of your Audi at Basha Autohaus.

audi smash repairs
Audi smash repairs

Precision Workmanship

Our team, at Basha Autohaus, have the advantage of 21 years of combined experience, in the Audi smash repairs industry. We are proud of our well qualified and competent tradesmen. Additionally, our excellent facilities and top of the range equipment aid them in the performance of smash repair artistry.

Audi smash repairs

Products of Distinction

Furthermore, at Basha Autohaus we have a commitment to quality in the products and parts we use.


We insist on only genuine new Audi parts and top of the range paints and products in our work, to make certain that you get exquisite results in the repair of your car.

Audi Smash repairs

Claims Management

Equally important, Basha Autohaus offers a complete Claims Management Package, so from the first crunch to the sparkling finish, we can oversee all your needs. In each case we can organise towing, replacement car, claims process, repairs, detailing and any other issues arising from the accident to your Audi. Give us your worries, while you relax!

audi smash repairs

Exclusive Guarantee

Finally, integrity and a dedication to excellence are foundational to our whole company ethos at Basha Autohaus.


Therefore we are honoured to offer you an exclusive lifetime guarantee on all our work to your Audi. You will be glad you came to us!

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